Unlikely Media

With hundreds of millions of total video views, Unlikely Media consisted of a 1M+ follower Instagram network to curate and share viral content. The brand included the accounts @unlikely, @relating, @greattweets, @roomstead, and @questions. These accounts included content from relatable quotes with engaging captions to curated interior design posts.

The goal of Unlikely, Relating, and Great Tweets was to reach as many people as possible through sharing user content in the form of videos and tweets, which collectively garnered over 400 thousand followers and over 100 million video views. With Questions, stories had just been added as a new feature to Instagram prior to the creation of this account, and daily polls were posted on the account's stories to grow engagement through the explore page's featured stories, gaining the account over 50 thousand followers and an average of around 3 thousand votes on each story poll. The account Roomstead was created with more of a focus on quality posts rather than quantity, with its interior design and architecture posts resulting in high activity and engagement.

Creating and building these accounts taught me the fundamentals of online virality and social media marketing as the market and social media as a whole was growing quickly, allowing me to work with brands such as Goat Case and Fashion Nova among others to advertise various products and services. Unlikely Media was sold in 2019 to Daily Epic Vids.

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